What is Culture?

What is Culture?

Culture is one of the major aspects a certain community bases on in order to live on organized life. It involves a set of beliefs, norms, valves, attitudes of a given group of people.

 Kawempe Muslim Secondary School as a Muslim community has quite a number of cultural norms. The culture is just one of a kind and if I may say it’s really amazing and unlike. First and foremost the school has got a mission of producing versatile individuals through  quality education and Islamic values to address global challenges therefore the students of Kawempe Muslim Secondary School are just well versed with the religious culture in a way  that all the S daily prayers are well attended in time and in a congregation (Jama) Despite the fact that Kawempe Muslim Secondary School a majorly a Muslim society but it also has some  Christians who are also given a chance to pray on every Sunday mornings. Therefore the religious culture is absolutely fit part of the Kawempe community.

Away from the religious culture, there comes another essential.  Which is the social culture in Kawempe Muslim Secondary School. This is observed in various ways that is team work, discipline, time management, hygiene, to mention but a least.

Team work is the major tool to success in the school and this is evident through the group discussions, sports teams, school clubs, houses in which each every student belongs to.

Time management is also considered and all the school programs run according to the given time.  Students attend compulsory morning and night preps as part of their extra reading time, class are well attended under the supervision of the D.O.S., also everything else is just done in the right time for doing it.

Lastly discipline of the Kawempe Muslim Secondary School students. The way the ladies and gentlemen of Kawempe Muslim Secondary School conduct themselves is just tremendous and wonderful. If you just make a step in the school premises, am sure you will have to say “Wow, what a mighty school?” because of the picture the students just lay out, that is the general hygiene, the respect they have for each other and for themselves with other social behavior like good eating habits, perfect walking style and the sense of smartness and elegancy in them and they are also extremely morally upright. All in all they are just comparable to none and with all this in one environment, I believe no one would wish to miss the chance of being part of the Ladies and Gentlemen of Kawempe Muslim Secondary School.

By Nyombi Nabil


Chairman Students’ Council

Kawempe Muslim Secondary School