A bill too expensive

A bill too expensive

Man, what the hell is wrong with Ugandans of this age? These scumbags in Kasokoso town undressed a woman last month for ‘being pornographic’. So who’s more pornographic? Is it the person who is hearing something long enough to cover her stuff (the mini skirt) or the one who has been undressed? Did they think about their actions before doing it? Anyway, the bullshit they were obsessed with was this over exaggerated anti – pornography bill (which hasn’t even been passed).

Man, let’s face it – there’s no way whatsoever no way we can get rid of porn. We can only promote it. Nobody stopped Desire Luzinda exposing her body, nor Mweruka from reading about her crazy escapade on Bukedde TV, and then appearing on the news a month later for the same atrocity. There is no way, trust me, there is no way we can chase that demon out. Even if they blocked all porn websites, they cannot block the CDs. They cannot put surveillance cameras on all corners.

For heaven’s sake, if the curvaceous damsel is still single, why should she make herself look photo forlorn and ugly by wearing a ‘Gomesi’. If she has no scars to hide, let her arouse men’s feelings, no problem – nobody forces him to look, its instinct. It must happen! God didn’t create human feelings for statues or stones – you only have to know how and when to use them. But how do you use something you’ve never heard of. Trust me, they’ll have to ban teaching the reproductive system in all schools. They’ll have to put a restriction on Serena Williams or Maria Sharapova because tennis will be banned for its miniskirts. If not, the Ugandan sports federation must provide Gomesis for sport.

Nah, argue out the rest yourself. The thing is, we need these skirts, and the women should not be restricted from their fashion. Wrongful arrest!!!!!!!

Benjamin Craddle

President, Writers Club.

Turkish Light Academy