It takes a while for God to answer a humble Christian

It takes a while for God to answer a humble Christian

Be such a man and live such a life that if all people mirrored you this would be God’s paradise!!!  From childhood we learn not to express ourselves, to hide and suppress our feeling and emotions. We are not ourselves and live a life with pretense.

This is evident during funeral rites when the enology is read. One wonders if the presenter is actually talking about the deceased. Someone who had been total disgrace to his family a total disaster to the society on dying they are transformed a villain into a hero. The praises given are never genuine.

I call upon all the souls that will read this to be real responsible and accountable and not give our family members and friends a hard time when we pass on with the tasks of getting suitable words that make us honorable. Can we fill our heats with the good things that our father in heaven gave us like love, mercy and compassion in order to make this world? His son left a positive impression by freeing us from sin.

Do you believe in prayer? Well, to pray means to love the lord. Many of our prayers are not answered because we don’t pray with love. Pray with a deep love for Jesus, God is always happy when he sees you in his presence. When we pray we are able to conquer the devil and his plans in our lives. Jesus is real example; He was constantly in prayer even during the most painful hour when he was carrying his cross.

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