Who is a good Head Teacher?

Who is a good Head Teacher?

This is a man or woman who wields the role or duty to model learners’ from infancy to adulthood citizens and grownups that are independent and responsible to society. He/she is endowed with a duty to inculcate skills, spirit, attitude and competences that fosters a continued culture amongst all the children he/she is charged to lead.

A good Head teacher is in charge of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, financial, spiritual and intellectual development of the children under his care. He/ She is in position of creating for the child a stable, nurturing and positive environment upon which children can predict their tomorrow or future. Generally a good Head teacher should be mature individual possessing biological and driven behavior towards the children. He/she plans and coordinates purpose driven behavior that creates sustainable quality life in children.

A good Head teacher knows that his/her behavior and emotions affect the children’s behavior and emotions and as such when meting discipline measure he/she understands that teachers and children are partners in discipline and that discipline is a teaching process but not punitive. It means therefore that a model responsibility requires that he/she should focus attention and energy on the positive aspects of his/her children’s behavior and emphasize cooperation rather than controls.

A good Head teacher teaches his/her children to think for themselves and bear the quality of self –control. He/she builds self – esteem for a healthy self – esteem is the main ingredient that children need to develop self – confidence and resilience.

Before I end, a good Head teacher teaches children that God has a part in our lives and does not create insecurity in the children and the teachers.

Obbo Ochieng Godfrey.

Head teacher Bugwere Kings’ College


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