What can be done to enhance academic excellence?

What can be done to enhance academic excellence?

The school quality can be exhibited with the quality of products churn out not only history made. Many parents cherish and give trust to what they call first world school expecting them to have all it takes for a child to excel.

Their ebullient is that the newly operating institutions do not have enough for their children to attain the desired goals. However, a new trend has come. Employers who prefer to recruit expatriate and give them their trust, develop a transparent authority and share the merger resources with them can greatly improve the academic standards of the learners irrespective of where they are;

Helping private schools

Uganda’s education sector has taken a step forward following the drastic effort path in by the private institutions a midst the challenges they encounter. Such challenges include the merger resources available i.e. lack of well stocked libraries, laboratory and remunerating the qualified and experienced personal. We therefore argue the government to give a hand and facilitate the private sector with tax holidays and scholastic materials.

Global Moslem high school unlike other schools, it’s quite different. All staff are adequately qualified. Having such such experienced teaching staff and maintaining it is a big challenge in such schools. This is experienced in the recently release results of both levels in the academic year 2014-2015. Global Moslem high school was ranked among the best schools in Uganda that sat for those examinations with our students shooting in the national media. This achievement was attained because of the maximum cooperation as staff and all teachers   being seethes.

 Proposed resolutions

Uganda experiences cardinal challenges to improve the education sector. A lot has to be gut in to provide enough for the competitive word a head of our learners. There are more students who perform so well at all levels but fail to succeed in life because of the poor system. Therefore, something must be done to mold the trend especially improving the technical institutions to develop skills for self-sustenance of tomorrow Ugandans

Parents should also take maximum responsibility in facilitating their children to attain better education especially those in the rural setting where many parents think that children belong to the government and therefore it’s the government to educate its citizens of tomorrow.  

Nasur Salimah

Global Moslem High School