How to Become A very Successful Student.

How to Become A very Successful Student.

One of the worst career mistakes students make is thinking that their parents’ success is theirs. In the process they pay less attention to their career which adversely affects their future success. It is so bad to meet an OB who literary ‘lived’ life while at school on the street looking for a job, just any job. Such students had lots of grab, pocket money and wore the best clothes not withstanding having all the study materials they needed.

Do not get this message wrong. It is the parents’ responsibility to work hard and look after their children. The problem arises when the children fail to do their part– doing the right things at the right time. By far, the best gift any parent can give their child is the best education their income can afford. As a student, your role is to do the right thing at the right time. While at school, great students acquire intellectual firepower, improve your self-esteem and form a loving support network.

Acquire intellectual firepower. Ensure you read all the pages and words in the books available. Where possible, read ahead of the syllabus. Read different books in the library – both fiction and non-fiction, regardless of your class. You will widen your intellectual fire power. And that is the difference you need to ass exams as well as excel.

Improve on your self-esteem. Great students try to fail. School is the best place to try new things and self-discovery. Life is about falling down and getting up.  Try all the tests and challenges. If you don’t fail, you don’t improve. Be the first person to volunteer to answer questions in class. Try new and difficult numbers ahead of the syllabus. Be the one to volunteer to debate. Try and keep trying until you get it right.

Have a loving support network. Identify any two top students in class below you, two in a class above yours and your own class. And have a 30 minutes meet up once in a week to discuss any topic. You will be phenomenal.  Try to associate with the best people academically. If they can allow being around you, then you have something special.

Remember success is not about just passing exams. That is a narrow view. It is also not about having a lot of money. There are people with a lot of money but still miserable.

Success is being financially independent, with good health and social respect. Financial independence is having enough to meet the basics of life and remain happy. If you can enjoy basic holiday and leisure as well as fix dependents that is great enough. As you make money, you must avoid lifestyles that expose you to health risks. Don’t smoke. Do not do drugs. Do not drink or sleep out of school. In Uganda, the cost of quality health care is expensive and you don’t want to be a rich guy on his or her death bed! Avoid life style diseases now. And you need to make your wealth ethically. Don’t kill to gain riches – you cannot enjoy wealth with a wrong conscience! While at school, you have all the chances to grab the opportunity while it lasts.

You have a great career ahead. Now is the time to establish a strong foundation to enjoy it. Succeed.