Towards A More Successful School.

Towards A More Successful School.

We live in more changing economy. Today’s parents are tending to shift parenting responsibilities to schools. Once parents pay fees, they expect the school to develop their children in terms of morals, skills development and talent nurturing. Mobile phones, the internet and television are competing the children’s time today. How can schools leverage from technology to educate children instead of spoiling them?

The school curriculum continues to evolve in response to current changes. More emphasis now is on producing entrepreneurs and not job seekers. Taken together, these developments call for formulating a clear school strategy to enable growing a school and sustaining the growth.

The list of failed schools abound. Once very big and successful schools in Uganda are now shadows of their former glory. Several schools which were once boasting of over 1,200 termly students in- take are now having just 500! Many have dilapidated office blocks. With overgrown compounds, abandoned library and science labs, it is like a short land: total silence save for the occasional bunging broken windows caused by wind gushes.

How did it get to this? You don’t want to first wait for tell- tale signs of decline to take action. In fact, strategy is effective when you are at your best performance. That way, there is no stress and finger pointing.

As a school director, Head teacher or student, you must start asking, how do you get qualified and competitive team both teaching and non- teaching? how do you ensure effective management of school resources? how do you mold an all child ready for a fast changing world? how can your school deliver and sustain academic success and produce children with high academic fire power?

The answer is putting in place an effective leadership. Strong leadership starts with the school owner or founder who must appoint competent directors to seat on the schools board in accordance with the law. Which kind of directors sit on your Board?

As a secretary of the Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda (ICGU), I have got to understand that you can tell a good board by their ownership of their roles which are;

Oversight (strategy and execution) and going concern (risk management and compliance with laws, regulations, policies and procedures)

What is your school strategy? Do the school staff understand it and their role in the journey? How does your school strategy ensure efficient management of school resources? Do you sometimes experience cash flow or money problems just before the close of the school term?

You need a good school strategy. And it starts at the top. At the schools edge, we want to contribute to the effective governance and smooth running of your school. Invite us for a discussion. In this issue, we share a lot about good governance in schools. Enjoy.