The All Girl's Volley Ball Tournament.

The All Girl's Volley Ball Tournament.

I am privileged to jot down something small about this special event where Bweranyangi girl’s secondary school was its heart and host.

I do not know what your vibe is but I bet you will find out at the end of it all, as for me…. I was extremely excited. This rare but interesting event started on the 19th of March 2016 and was officially closed on the 20th. A number of girls’ schools were in attendance and took part in the volleyball games. Some of the schools included: Kinaawa high school, Trust High School, Bweranyangi Girls’ Secondary School, Maryhill High School, Kyeizooba Girls’ SS , Our Lady of Good Council, St Bright High School Kings College Buddo, Nyakasura and many others from all over the country. With mirinda as one of the sponsors, you can bet that we quenched our thirst with its drinks…

The arrival of king’s college Buddo on the evening of the 18th made it qualify as the earliest team on board… I guess this partly justifies why they took home a ‘token’ for the time managing team (a round of applause for them...). The games were officially opened by the Head mistress of the hosting school with a serve from her. Everything run smoothly as was expected... Teams braved the sun and everyone was fighting to be at the top their game. Amazing talent was displayed on the six coats and at the end; some ’credit’ was given to all players. For a game to be called a game, there should a winner and a loser… St Bridget High School took home the trophy for overall winners(congratulations) , Bweranyangi got a ‘token’ for the best disciplined team(thumbs up).many more ‘goodies’ were availed and our own ASIIMWE DIANA was rewarded for most valuable player (MVP) under 21 category. The memories of the event come flooding into my mind as if it was yesterday. We look forward to more events…!!! AS WE SOW TO REAP