Ignoring Good Health Habits Affects Students.

Ignoring Good Health Habits Affects Students.

Many students don’t give their health serious consideration while at school. This in turn has affected their academic progress. Something such as drinking water from the tap after a football match or when one gets thirsty is a very common occurrence in schools, however this has increased diseases such as typhoid which according to a report written by Ministry Of Health on 24th Feb.  2015, is a bacterial disease caused by salmonella typhi and is transmitted through the ingestion of food or drink that is contaminated. Its symptoms usually develop 1-3 weeks after exposure and these may be mild or severe, they include high fever, headache, constipation, diarrhea and enlarged spleen and liver. Such sickness disrupts students from their normal school routine, they tend to miss classes, exams and in worse scenarios they can even die.

Other health issues that students ignore are to do with hygiene. Hygiene plays a big role in the life of a student and a maturing person. This famous quotation that states “cleanliness is next to Godliness” has never been proved wrong by anyone. When one misses a bath their body odor is terrible and affects their neighbors in class as it causes discomfort, hence in a way affecting the concentration of the students in class because this odor is bad. It is very important for students to bathe at least every morning before class, it not only freshens up the body but the mind as well, with a fresh mind comes  a more lively mind, improved thinking and renewed energy for the school work and co-curricular activities. It is very common to discover that a student who doses a lot in class, and has a dull look has often missed taking a bath. This habit is mostly common amongst boys, taking a bath should not be considered a punishment, it should be embraced instead.

It is also very unhygienic for students to share things like deodorant, and sponges amongst others, this is because they can get infected with skin diseases  or bacterial infections that affect their health, this can be seen as sharing especially in boarding schools, however it is not right to share deodorant especially roll on deodorant and bathing sponges.

Girls in their menstrual periods must endeavor to change their sanitary towels often; wearing a sanitary towel for long can lead to build up of harmful bacteria. Changing your pad is good hygiene and also prevents bad odor and accidental leaks.

If students in school can give priority to their health, it will play a big role in improving their school life both academically and socially in a way that they will not spend time away from class due to sickness and thus will have better concentration while studying, being free from sickness also gives their bodies energy to participate in co-curricular activities such as sports and MDD.

By; Mrs. Idah Mugero.

Teacher, Kyambogo College School_ Counselling Department