What to do when you have Chickenpox.

What to do when you have Chickenpox.

Rule number one;

Don’t scratch! By refraining from doing so, the lesions and sores heal faster and won’t become infected. Here are some ideas to help you abide by this rule: Calamine lotion put on the spots may ease itching.

Keep nails short;

Having trimmed nails will keep them clean and avoid infecting the lesions by scratching. If that doesn’t work, try gloves.

Keep fresh;

Make sure the air is clean and cool, as heat and sweat exacerbate the itching.

Use wet wipes;

Alleviate any itching by applying wet wipes, and when really intense, try anti-histamines. The latter has an added bonus due to their sedative effect, they have been known to calm down a restless patient that is weary of the itching.

Stay at home;

In order to avoid transmitting the infections, it’s best if infected individuals remain at home until all lesions dry up and become scabs. Surely you wouldn’t want to be the source of infection to others.

How to treat chickenpox?

Prevention is the best and strongest defense against any disease as the saying goes Prevention is better than cure. There is a vaccine against chickenpox and it’s readily available at Destiny Med Lab Ltd.

If you use Acyclovir (ACV) medication within the first 24 hours of the appearance of the initial rash, it decreases the appearance of the new lesions by 25 per cent.

By Bothowok Stephen

Director Destiny Med Lab Ltd

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