Teenage Pregnancy, A big Threat to Youth.

Teenage Pregnancy, A big Threat to Youth.

At just 16, Nyakato was among the 300,000 teenage girls in Uganda who get pregnant before they are 19. According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, one in every four teenage between 15 and 19 is found pregnant, and many opt for abortion, thus authorities must act lest the whole generation wastes away. Whilst most of them drop out of school to raise their children, others drop out due to failure to pay the required fees, others are excited to fall prey of luxuries as they are convinced b sugar daddies and others are given off by their parents to bring wealth in their families in form of bride price.

Nyakato was defiled by her teacher in Primary six having been requested by her English teacher to drop his books at his place. This experience ended her life at school and the beginning of her suffering. Most students put a lot trust in their teachers since they see them as their heroes in education. So Nyakato didn’t think that what came as a request would turn into a trap. According to Nyakato, her teacher had on many occasions tried to convince her to go to bed with him but she would refuse. Not until he resorted to his tricks to force her into sexual activity.

What beats my understanding is that although such cases are reported to the police, justice is not served and even though it is, some criminals still get out of prison on bail to go out and commit more injustices. Nyakato reported the matter to the police but she could not get justice and misery compounded after she discovered that she was pregnant. And months later, Nyakato gave birth to a baby who is now three years old. The most difficult decision came when she had to choose between school and feeding her baby whose father was nowhere to be seen because according to the police, the suspect disappeared on learning that he was wanted for alleged defilement.

The story of teenage mother is typical of the circumstances that young girls find themselves in, denying them chance to education compared to their male counter parts. As most girls resort to abortion such that they continue with school, others get married at an early age to get support from their partners and the rest decide to raise their children on their own thus school drop outs.

According to the population secretariat, out of 1.2 million pregnancies recorded in Uganda annually, 25 percent of these are teenage pregnancies, which end up in an unintended births or abortions. This is however reflected through the high rate of child mother births recorded at district levels.

Months after birth, Nyakato says, she seemed lost until a friend tipped her about a non- government organization school campaign that helps to sponsor young girls to keep them in school. The stay in school campaign by World Vision, a global non- governmental organization seeking to address poverty through development, relief and advocacy would later be a savior to Nyakato. Through the campaign, the girl was able to return to school. She says she was able to complete primary level, she is now senior two and wants to become a nurse after school. She believes that other parents can help their children caught in similar circumstances so that the can forge a future. Her situation is however, a mirror image of a larger problem that is ranking too much havoc in Uganda.