Health in schools

Health in schools

A Healthy living, is one of the things a student has to have in order to excel in school. It’s very difficult for any student to concentrate in school with poor or wanting health. I can give an example of boys. Many boys are affected by diseases because of poor health habits like sharing towels, not bathing and so many others. Boys should avoid such habits in order to keep healthy.

Secondary, we as youths we must minimize the things we eat in order to have good health. Most delicious things are not healthy. It’s okay to have delicious things but minimize them. It is not health to eat many sweet and oily staff. So please take care of what you eat.

And finally, we as youths, must avoid pre-marital sex by abstaining until marriage. Once you do that, you would have saved your life and your parents from expenses and don’t forget that “health is wealth” meaning you can never be rich with poor health. So let’s all keep ourselves healthy.

Muhumuza Joshua


Moshellon College kanyanya