My health is my pride

My health is my pride

Being healthy isn’t just about how you look, it’s about how you live your life and this stems from doing simple things like

Brushing your teeth at least thrice a day and not eating a lot of sugary food since they are not good for the teeth.

Having regular exercises that will keep you physically fit and your organs in good condition because there will be good blood circulation and excess calories burnt.

Avoid taking raw salt for it destroys the kidney which plays great role in the body through excretion. So if it is raptured it may lead to many complications.

Bathe regularly to avoid bad odor especially girls mostly twice a day. This will avoid accumulation of bacteria that in most cases leads to skin diseases and infections like ringworms

Visit the doctor for medical checkup regularly to make sure you are healthy and in perfect shape.

Control the intake of beverage like fizzy drinks for every drink increases the risk of diabetes by whopping 85% .This is because the body absorbs the sugar in the drinks more rapidly than the sugar in other foods. Instead opt for fresh juice or even plenty of water.

Say no to misuse of drugs like cocaine and marijuana. I would advise all those taking drugs or those planning to seek for help. I know we undergo lot of pressure and live in the world with a lot of influence. Do not experiment with drug you will suffer for the rest of your life and it may also lead to death.

Be healthy, stay happy.

Atimango Julliet


Rise and Shine High School-Ntinda