Government to include class marks in senior 4 grading

Government to include class marks in senior 4 grading

The government intends to change the current examination grading system and adopt the progressive classroom performance as part of assessment of results of the Uganda National Examinations Board for senior 4 candidates

The proposal, which is still under discussion at the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC), will require teachers to make annual submissions of students’ daily classroom performance to UNEB, which will then be added on the student’ national examinations marks before the final grading.

The NCDC proposes this formative assessment to contribute 30 percent and Uneb’s summative examinations accounting for 70% of the final grading.

Ms. Grace Baguma, the NCDC executive director, said in an interview yesterday that the new proposals will look at the students’ progress while in school and inform both the parents and school administrators whether they are learning or not

She said this will help the authorities to identify a student’s weakness so that they are helped early where they didn’t understand.

‘’A student progressively achieves certain competencies by the time they go through school. Subjecting them to 2 hour exam at the end of senior four which they are likely not to do well is condemning them yet they are other areas they are good at,’’ Ms. Baguma said.

Mr. John Okumu Emorut, NCDC specialist in business Education, told daily monitor that formative assessment will contribute some marks at the end of senior four although they have not agreed a final position which other stakeholders

How it will be done

‘’teachers  will assess what a child can do. The schools will send the reports to Uneb so that so that the student’s achievements are captured by Uneb on their certificates. We have suggested formative assessment to contribute 30% and Uneb 70%. But we are yet to have an agreed position,’’ Mr. Emorut said.

The curriculum developers are also proposing to reduce teaching time from the current 8am to 5pm schedule to 8am to 3pm

According to Mr. Emorut, all leaners will be expected to participate in co-curricular activities and have addition practical lessons from 3pm to 5pm for those who will not have understood in earlier lessons between 8am to 3pm

‘’ there is a lot of cram work. We now want the students to understand and apply what they have learnt during this time. Physical education is now compulsory for all students. Official time for closing school will remain 5pm. Parents have to know that the students can learn without spending the whole day in class,’’ he said.

Under the proposed new system, each lesson will continue to last 40 minutes but the number of lesson periods a day will be reduced from 10 currently to eight.

‘’ we are still discussing how it will be done. If I change a school from senior two, my file should be transferred to my new school so that all my information is captured by Uneb at the end of senior four,’’ Mr. Emorut added

However, he said the changes will need an assessment policy to ensure all actors follow what has been agreed.

Copied from daily monitor