Accept reality. Abandon obstacles. Appreciate your people and processes and Adjust to better ways. Below is Mustapha’s speech to executives and managers who want to create commitment not just compliance and have staff morale through the roof again.

Last December, I went to the village and attended a village meeting. While at the meeting, one of the Elders said, since we have Mustapha here today, let him say something before we proceed.

So, how do you turn down elders? I stood up and said something.

That is what it means being a leader. You must stay ready.

Again in April, I was at the conference of auditors. And the MC noticed me in the room. He said since fraud is a big problem in this country, and we have the President of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Uganda Chapter, allow me to ask him say something. How do you turn down such opportunity? I stood up, and said something about fraud! Did you know that an average organization loses over 5% of her annual revenue to fraud? And then you wonder why your business grows slowly, if any.

After my comments, one of the people inside that room came to me and requested for my business card. He said ‘’I really liked your ideas on fraud prevention. We are organizing a seminar for accountants. Do you mind being one of our speakers? Hey, the seminar is next week.’’ I said, ya, count me in.

These experiences have taught me one thing: when it comes to leadership or business development I don’t have to get ready, I must stay ready. So that I may get any opportunity wherever it is! My new motto is ‘’don’t get ready, stay ready.’’ That way you are able to grab any opportunity that comes your way!

Good luck is when preparedness, meets opportunity. You want to get lucky? Stay ready!

Do I sound like a Pastor?

But that is not just like leadership. It is true with everything you do. You must stay ready. It does not matter what you do. What matters is that you must stay ready. Because the people who need you always need you.

So what you are going to pick up today, are the 4 As to remarkable results is not only how to stay ready, but how to become a type of leader who can create commitment, when others are just creating compliance.

Be the type of leader who can get other people to admire and what to follow you, rather than have to follow you.

And a type of leader who can have morale shooting through the roof, when for other leaders people are saying do I have to come to work today.

And if you can do that, believe me you will become a leader whom others want to follow, and a role model.

So stand up. Make sure you can look at me. Can everyone see me? Alright.

This is what I want you to do.

I want you to put your right arm straight out like so. And I want you to keep it parallel to the ground.

Now I want you to take your right thumb and right index finger and put them together like so, making sure that your arm is absolutely parallel to the floor. Now, as fast as you can, without hurting yourself, I want you to take your right thumb and right index finger and put it on your chin and turn to your neighbor and say: that is not your chin

What I love about that is that most people who did it want to say, see me, I did it.

It makes a good point. Actions speak louder than words.

You didn’t do as I said, you did, as I did. Is that right? Turn to your neighbor and say ‘’ I know that is right.

So here is the key.

When it comes to the 4 As to remarkable results, lead yourself first. Everything you ask them to do, you must first do yourself. Because they won’t do as you say. They will do as you do. If you tell them to be in office by 7 am, first be in the morning by 7 am. If you tell them don’t put your phones in silent during a client meeting, always put your phones in silent mode! Lead yourself first. Lead by example. The first A to remarkable results is that you must accept reality.

Now let’s be honest. Have you ever been forced to face reality?

Raise your hand if you feel sometimes reality hurts.

Isn’t it interesting how when things don’t seem to go our way or we don’t seem to measure up, it is almost in our DNA to place the blame on someone else?

Isn’t it ironic that I am blaming my general manager for placing a wrong article when I the one responsible for the final product. But be honest.

How often do we blame others for our mistakes? How often do we sales blame underwriters, underwrites blame HR and HR blame loss assessors.

When loss assessors learn how to talk, I am sure they will blame someone else!

Average leaders place blame. Exceptional leaders take it.

 Now get this. They take it even when sometimes it is not their fault. Why on earth would you take blame when sometimes it is not their fault?

Great that is good. But here is another person why. You are responsible for the environment. Take the blame, and they will also take the blame. When it is not their fault.

What is your scale? What is the thing that lets know whether you are getting worse or better at what you do? What is the thing that lets your team know whether you are improving or not? What is your scale? Write this down. You master what you measure.

Now I have interacted with several insurance executives and I must say, a lot of their efforts is not measured. Many insurance companies have websites, but none measures the amount of business generated through them. And you wonder on which basis do they operate it?

If you are the CEO, which reports do you receive daily to see whether you are improving or not?

As a CEO or senior management, what is your scale?

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