My Passion With the Youth

My Passion With the Youth

Life is a continuous challenge but unfortunately most of us tend to understand this after going through so many tasks and learn our lessons at a later stage in life, lucky are those who manage to discover this secret at a young age.

With a load full of good and bad experiences in my life, the struggles to keep on trying to overcome them on a daily basis, compelled me to decided to share with the next generation, as I tend to notice what our younger generation are doing or not doing, and in most cases you know the results of that path being taken.
Am currently surrounded by an age group between15- 22 years in my family.....and always trying to push, change, guide or scream if I have too, so these young people may have, at a minimum, a relatively great future.
Whenever am given an opportunity to share with the next key bearers of a nation, I concentrate on four messages regardless of the topic.

Avoid peer pressure: do not compare yourself, do not compete with others but yourself, and never under estimate yourself.

Overcome hardship: always do whatever you need to do to solve a problem, it will still be round whenever you wake up because no one will do it for you but YOU

Attitude: find a ray of light in your life every day; it’s just a bad day, not the end of the world. Having a positive attitude gives you the confidence to take on the world.

Appreciate: lastly appreciate yourself, know who you are, the positives and negatives in your life, accept them because someone out there has extremely less than what you have, then use your weakness to grow into your strength....we are as strong as our weakness.

Whatever way you use these messages me you will meet your goals as long as you stay focused. It has been said that “it takes the same strength to hit and miss a target or to hit a target.”
I do remind this generation that an extra mile in whatever you do, will go a long way in changing your life. For example : get involved in extracurricular activities in areas around you, like sports competition, fundraising events or bring up ideas that create teams as per organizational structures and objectives, you will be considered as a friendly and caring team player and more responsibilities will come easy.

My dream is to meet just one person in so many years to come, with God's blessing, to tell me that one word I said in his or her early years changed they life.
Our children, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters and the neighbours'child hold the keys to the survival of our nation’s economic, social, moral, and cultural advancement and without our support now , we shall not be supported in the future.

“If you do not take care of the youth now, we shall be haunted by this generation in the future”.