Door to Success

Door to Success

The door to success is as flexible as the ability to build a wall for success. For one to acquire success one has to get to the threshold of success. In fact success is gotten to as a result of a focused struggle geared towards a required goal. Therefore the door to success originates from the following:-

First being focused on a set goal is paramount. The questions posed and answered should be; what do you want? Then how do you arrive at it? Why are you at school? A school is an institution dedicated to teaching and learning. Therefore depending on the level of academic pursuance a learner should view what he /she intends to attain at school.

Another thing is that you need to timetable yourself, so that you don’t become a slave to your goal. Remember ‘Work without play makes Jack a dully boy’. Get all the subject studied and make a personal timetable besides the general one set by the school. Look at the free periods and insert yours bearing in mind time for relaxation say during games and recreation periods.

Remembers to do one thing first and the rest will follow:

Unrewarding friendship has to be avoided; just choose what I would term academic friend(s) with whom you can tackle challenging tasks. Rather than involving in unnecessary social evening fix useful brain-storming programs as a way of relaxing the brain to avoid simple and uncalled for stress.

Try out tasks outside the teachers’ assignments; all these should aim at being independent so that the task set or handled should be alongside the standard tasks. By so doing you will be acclimatizing yourself to the real issues tested by both UNEB and the school.

In fact you vary the tasks according to disciplines, say calculations, essays and others. This is to keep abreast the Program.

Consultation should not be shied away from; whether with the teachers or fellow students. With this the friends feel you trust them and therefore their pride will motivate them. “A” Knowledge shared is a knowledge retained”. Whoever decides to contribute will have the knowledge planted permanently on. Is this not interesting?

Above all discipline is inevitable concomitant.  However, bright or focused one may be when she/he is devoid of discipline the end result is doomed, so make sure the little time you devote to studies must be accompanied by discipline.

Do not strain and stress yourself with an insatiable desire to look for money unless it is to supplement academic Programme. Do one thing at ago, the rest will automatically follow. As long as you have the basics relax and wait for the set time – after studies.

Respect can’t be overlooked, first respect yourself and then your immediate vicinity. This includes the people in authority, friends and all other categories of human folk.  Your sail will be smooth and only what remains is success.

The fear of God stands out monolithically. Pray for every step you reach. Put God first and your way to success will be clear.

Through all these the door to success will be widely open and you will not require to scramble. I wish you all success.


Head teacher

Manafwa High School – Mbale