A prosperous teacher.

A prosperous teacher.

My childhood days were completed with fear of becoming a teacher living unpleasant life.

My Luganda teacher in S.2 used to ride a bicycle and could enter class sweating with his shoes bent by the side. Complied with complains of little and delayed pay, my body could develop gorse bumps whenever I thought of becoming a teacher because I related it to poverty though teachers played a big role in  molding  my future.

After my S.6, I was admitted on a government sponsorship for Bachelor of Art in Education and this program first resisted to my childhood experience with my teachers. However I later appreciated the course and discovered a lot why some teachers remain poor.

Teachers are fearful to take up new challenges, outside the class room, some find it unworthy to perform other tasks other than reading newspapers, discussing fore ball fixtures, results and politics.

Some teachers take it upon themselves as foundations of knowledge and are always ready to disseminate all the theory they know especially in business but are reluctant to take on the practical risk.

Teachers have a lot of them especially during the holidays but claim it’s their time to take a break so they rest their brains and hands too.  However today, many teachers have taken a new trend; they have grouped up in SACCO’S where they save from their meager incomes. This has helped them to buy plots of land and set up strong businesses. 

Teachers have set up projects especially agriculture and are reaping big!

Mr. Taryanguzai (Geography teacher) recently took me to his project, he grows mushrooms. He harvests 50 kg per day and sells each at 5000 shs at nakavibo market.

I own a piggery and poultry farm, I sell each piglet at 100,000 shs and have unlimited market because buyers discovered it’s the best brand and refer to me as a multi-talented head teacher.

Under poultry, I normally rear between 500 to 700 birds and make a profit of about 700,000 to 800,000 shs every after 6 weeks. These projects have helped supplement my salary and acquire some of my long admired needs but this is a long side. My adored professional of economics and administering my fellow teachers.

In conclusion as a head teacher, I encourage my fellow teachers to multi-task and invest all the little time they have at their disposal activities that yield economically but also ensure that they are the best in performance when it comes to school duties because a good teacher is one who has passion for his profession

Mr. Kyeyune Frank

Head Teacher

St. Elizabeth SS Nkoowe