School Leadership

School Leadership

Leadership is defined as a state /position of leading a particular group of people; the capacity of someone to lead.

Esteemed readers; leadership today has lost its meaning as compared to the days of our fore fathers and golden days of education when it had been just introduced. In the early days, leaders were actually respected and for one to become a leader, it was more of a calling than just a profession unlike these days where leaders are held with utter contempt and disrespect than being a leader is just for fame.

According to the In a typical school setting, the administration is taken as the top most leadership post as it includes; directors, head teacher, deputy head teacher, teachers, parents, students and nonteaching staff.

Next to these we have the prefectorial body that show great affection towards their duties. This body comprises of many sections who are all accountable to the head prefect in performance of roles most importantly providing a base for communication between the school authorities and students. These include; head girl, head boy, religious prefects, and chief judge among others.

In conclusion, student leaders play a great role in maintenance of the school in both the presence and absence of school authorities.

Etuket Melinda & Ajuna Cathy.A

Writers club

St. Peters’ Secondary School Naalya