Grooming tomorrow leaders

Grooming tomorrow leaders

You may not believe me but I have the answer to how we can mend up this world. Guess what? The choices you make will either create you or take you down. I think this choice of being a leader is one of the most touching experience that I will live to remember. Because I not only take my fellow prefects as prefects but also my brothers and sisters.

This comes by understanding each other, targeting and the vision of your school. And this takes us back to how you were groomed right from childhood and by this, I mean home than to school. Leadership training seminar plays a vital role in this task. You get your mind opened up and think outside the box when challenges come up. I thank the director for putting this in place.

Views of the students in the school are crucial and play great part in making adjustments in school.thats why a student’s council is necessary.

Leadership in school mends future leaders, what we call tomorrow. Decision making in it is put right, love for the nation is amplified in us though dictatorship kills it all. Flexibility and time in mind is a key to prosperity in this mission because seconds gone never come back. If we change the world with the hands in join. I love you.

I thank God for this day.

Kasambula Emmanuel

Head Prefect


Comprehensive College