Hana Mixed Secondary School

Hana Mixed Secondary School

School Profile

Hana Mixed Secondary School P.O.Box 8303 Kampala. The school is located in Wakiso district, Busiro East, Nsangi sub-county and Nsangi parish, 500m from Masaka road. Hana mixed National and International secondary school is a private school started in the year 2003

The school has both UNEB and Cambridge curricula, and offers O level and A level, fully boarding school.

Our Motto

In God we trust

Our Vision

To provide best quality education that ensures satisfaction of our customers and other stake holders.

Our Purpose

To multiply the effectiveness of the school using improved facilitation and strategic technologies that overcome barriers in secondary education.

Our Mission Statement

Hana mixed secondary school - Nsangi is dedicated to improving the educational experiences of young adolescents by providing vision, knowledge and resources to all who study in order to develop productive and ethical citizens.

Our Core Values

  1. We provide quality education which is equitable in its outcomes for all students, including those from other countries.
  2. We develop mechanisms for effective communication between and among students, staffs, parents and other stake holders.
  3. We examine for their effectiveness current grouping practices such as special education, ability grouping remedial programmes and alternative education.
  4. We ensure the best use of facilities for meeting changing enrollment patterns.
  5. We provide a plan to address the needs of the changing family as they affect school for children.
  6. We develop, coodinate and maintain a comprehensive assessment programme.
  7. We develop a plan for recruiting the most qualified employees to reflect the composition of the present student body.
  8. We provide staff development to improve employee job performance and achieve the strategic plan objectives.
  9. We develop a programme to infuse technology throughout the curriculum as a means of copying with the knowledge explosion.
  10. We develop a programme that will expose all students to a foreign language.
  11. We provide Hana Mixed Secondary School employees with methods and/or incentives through which quality is promoted and achieved.
  12. We review the need for funds and design ways for obtaining them.
  13. We develop increased awareness of cultural and individual differences within the school community.
  14. We will align our building level plans to include activities related to accreditation, school improvement and the ministry of education and sports expectations.
  15. We develop a plan that will provide students instruction and experience in the visual and performing arts.