Mbogo Mixed School

Mbogo Mixed School

Started on the 20th September, 1999, Mbogo Mixed secondary school became the second among the Mbogo schools. We began with S.1, S.2, S.3 and S.5. The students' population was 65, we had 15 teachers, 2 members of the non-teaching staff i.e. the school nurse and the secretary.

We had 2 cooks and 2 security guards. Now the school has over 1600 students and more the 65 teachers. Unlike Mbogo High School, Mbogo mixed secondary school is a mixed boarding school.

The school is located in Nabweru sub county, Wakiso district 9 miles North of Kampala city. 


To become a highly reputable Muslim founded school, a school of first choice in Academic Excellency and discipline in Uganda.


Building a strong school that will promote excellence in education in an environment that treasures and challenges each individual.


The school academic curriculum is based on that designed by the national Curriculum Development Center. All teaching syllabi are designed according the this curriculum