The beauty of Crested Senior School Makindye

The beauty of Crested Senior School Makindye

Beauty defines crested in appearance, academics and discipline. At the sight of the school, you are welcomed by the beautiful tower which contains classes and the girls’ dormitory.

Talk of academics, students right away from senior one to senior six excel under the influence of their well trained teachers, loving parents and above all the school is laid on a Christian foundation.

It being a Centre of excellence, the students exhibit a high level of disciplines, this being the main reason of their success.

Crested secondary school does not only engage in academics but also in co-circular activities such as music, dance, drama and sports. In this case, students are taught how to fully exploit their talents besides academics.

Games such as football, volleyball, netball, basketball and rugby among others are part of the school activities. More to that, the school also has developmental clubs example Lions quest, debate club, school theater and writers club which have developed students talents.

Crested secondary school is indeed a real Centre of excellence,

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Atuzarirwe Emily

S. 2 A   

Crested S.S.S