The meaning of "Ugaflo"

The meaning of "Ugaflo"

Just like R n B which is an American style of music, or actually the most widely practiced in that country, or pop the Michael Jackson style. Ugaflo is the word that represents Ugandan music. But what’s the big deal about it.

It comes with all styles of rhymes and rhythms and the stage names are the best of all musical ones. A tourist hears of “a mad tiger” dwelling in Uganda and hurries to see it panting with paying 200 dollars. What does he find out? Mad tiger is just some very popular musician who owns a gear bike as his MVT (most valuable treasure).

This is the country where the Chameleon sings! If you’re a tourist and you’ve heard of Bobi wine, it’s not some bad-ass type of wine – it’s a damn musician. While the world dreads terrorists, omutujju (the terrorist) Gravity is just a musician in this country.

By the way, about the terrorist guy. Heard that he tried to disobey the laws of gravity by jumping off a roof in slow motion? Of course you know what happened. Among those who try to sing rap falls Bobi wine. There’s a simple song in this case the introduction is better than the rest of the song. He burst cut at a full speed.

                                Ya brabla boom firebase cre 2015

                                Love is our outer most desire sample dem?

                                (After this one dies only in shock to hear a nursery song)

                                One croe-odile-o, went to see an elephant

                                To say goodbye to their family …..

It is only in this country that everyone wants to be a musician considering scarcity of resources. Aren’t animals tired of musicians taking up their names and perhaps Uganda wildlife Authority is getting more famous.

Jerome Ayella

Turkish Light Academy