The Mysterious World.

The Mysterious World.

There is an amazing world beneath us

It is unique in nature, you can only tour

It is for a short while, you can’t stay for long

It’s only for chosen ones. Its creatures are

Beautiful unique and attractive

They speak to you in mysterious ways

You can get connected with them in very

Unusual ways, the mystery about

These creatures, is that they can’t stay in the world too

They don’t belong here, and why?

Because there is a boundary

That separates us and again joins us

And that is oxygen

When you hear a rowing sound from it, it’s happy

When there is silence, it’s sad. And when

You hear it scream out loud, it’s mad

This world I am talking about is the water world

The longer you hold your breath and go deeper,

The more you discover mysteries and secrets of the world

So take a trip to water world, learn, discover

And adventure.

Erone Mercy

S. 5 sciences.

Comprehensive College School- Kitetika