Men dating fellow men

Women dating fellow women

Admiration your own sex

What an evil act this is

No fear for the lord

Who rejected it and warned us about it

Our own leaders have promoted it,

Presidents, ministers and religious leaders, instead of discouraging it,

Promoted it by passing through laws to support it

How I hate them with all my heart and soul

Let we the innocent and God fearing ones

Fight it and guard against its temptations

Let us be heroes and patriots

Let us fight it from north to south, east to west

We won’t tolerate this nasty and evil act

And neither should the victims and promoters

Thanks to those doing their best

To stop the evil and shameful act

Let us all the young and old join in the struggle

May the Almighty God delight and help us all

For God and My Country

Ainembabazi Sheena  F3 East

Seeta high school-green campus