Should phones be allowed in schools?

Should phones be allowed in schools?

Phones in some countries like America are allowed in schools but not in Uganda.

Phones should be allowed in schools so as to increase the level of research through the use of internet where the students can acquire more information. This makes work much easier whereby the students are able to do their assignments in time.

Phones should also be allowed in schools for emergency purposes for example in case of fire outbreaks, strikes, serious sicknesses, and any other form of danger that may arise in the school in the absence of teachers and other responsible personals.

The students can contact the concerned for help.

Phones should be allowed in schools in order to update the students instantly about the current affairs in the country.

Furthermore students should accept to access their phone while at school for entertainment in their leisure time to avoid boredom and fatigue which reduces on the rate of immoral acts such as gossiping, escapism, which promotes order in school.

Phones in school also have down side;

Phones shouldn’t be allowed in schools as they promote cyber bulling among the fellow students which is done through video dips and recording data usually posted on social media which in the end leads to discomfort and inconvenience of students in schools.

Phones promote laziness among students hence should not be allowed in schools. This is because some students prefer having their phones with them than doing the school co-curriculum activities which leads to disorderly that results into academic failure.

Phones also promote theft among students. This is because there is competition of expensive phones among students which forces other students with cheap phones to steal as it’s the only way to purchase such expensive phones for example i-tel and I-phone 6.

Phones may also lead to class divisionism basing on how expensive one’s phone is.

This is due to the mere fact that students with expensive phones lend to only associate with others. With expensive phones leaving out others with a charge phones thus disunity.

Through phones students easily access pornographically movies and pictures. This leads to evil practices among students such as masturbation, rape, homo sexuality etc. This in the end leads to expulsion of students from school thus an increase in the number of school dropouts.

Phones lead to high rate of examination malpractice among students. As this is through the coordination of students and teachers which leads to seriousness of students via leading and revising their notes as the only thing they think of is cheating to pass.