The world cries out for Givers

The world cries out for Givers

“Blessed is the hand that giveth…….” The world cries out for givers. The Land, the air, the waters all crying out with choke. They choke with pollution; toxic gasses, chemicals, plastic, to mention…!

The people cry too, especially the elderly. Mothers, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, abandoned, and yet they did a lot to ensure that the abandoners are positioned in their current states of enjoyment. They did a lot to preserve the environment.

It is upon this background that we thought it wise to come up with a social enterprise “Save the Environment, Save the Elderly” (S.E.E)

Tereza Nabukeera an old woman was abandoned by her own people; God never gave her chance to have her own biological child, regardless, she helped many during her strong days, but with old age, she finds herself alone, with nobody to give her a hand, her house falling, infested with rats, snakes and other rodents!

We took a decision (Mr. & Mrs. Obbo) to construct for her a house, but a unique house built with Plastic Bottles. 10,000 bottles were retrieved from chocking the environment to bringing a livelihood for Tereza.

Though sick (old age), she happily lives in a very strong cool house made out of plastic bottles, free from rodents. We didn’t only build the house, but we take care of her livelihood.

We urge people to adopt the technology, to save the environment, look at our Lakes, Water sources, choking with plastic. If people adopted this model of house, which is equally cheap, the environment would be saved. We also urge the youth, don’t abandon the old people, we exist because of them. We wouldn’t have existed, they are our lineage. Adults should train the young to care for the old. Many elderly people are rotting in the villages, they need help. We at S.E.E, plan to continue with this initiative of Plastic Bottle Houses for the elderly, we target at least 1000 units for the elderly, once we get the funding.

Research indicates that it takes 300 years for a plastic bottle to degrade and it should also be noted that a plastic bottle house is 20 times stronger than the brick house. It is not easy to crack, resists quakes, and it is fire and bullet proof. It’s cool!

For anyone who would wish to learn the technology can reach us on 0776 404 321, or Email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for free training.